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Membership Application


The purpose of the Hospitality Human Resources Association of Broward County is to promote the importance of the human resources function within the hospitality industry, to further educate and update members’ knowledge by means of informative programs, and to allow for a mutual exchange of ideas and innovations amongst the human resources professionals in South Florida.


  • Wage Survey
  • Networking
  • Monthly speakers
  • Roster of member’s names, companies….
  • Personal development & growth opportunities


  • $120.00 annual dues per year


  • Held monthly – $35.00 for members for each function; $45 for non-members for each function. Late cancellations and no-shows will be billed.
  • The hosting property will receive $25 per person attending the function

To join, complete the enclosed application and/or for further information, call any one of the board members listed below.


Revised 1/6/10

Article 1.  Objectives

  1. To promote and advance the understanding and application of Human Resource management through education, development, and seminars.
  2. To provide opportunities for persons engaged in Human Resources in the hospitality industry to discuss issues and to provide a medium for mutual self-improvement.
  3. To encourage cooperation among members for the exchange of ideas, discussion of problems, and the dissemination of information in the field of Human Resource management.

Article 2.  Membership

  1. Regular Members: those persons actively engaged in personnel/human resource management functions in the hospitality industry.
  2. Status: Should a member change hotel organizations or affiliation, membership will remain with the entity who paid the annual dues.  Example: if the organization (hotel) paid the annual dues, the organization will retain the membership for the balance of the membership year and the replacement person will be considered the member.
  3. Annual Dues: Annual fees for membership are based on the calendar year January 1 through December 31.  Bills for the annual dues shall be rendered during December and shall be due and payable by January 1 of each calendar year.
  4. Termination of Membership: Members who become more than three (3) months in arrears in the payment of dues will be suspended from the Association.  Reinstatement to membership will be made by payment of dues.


  1. Regular meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of each month.  Change of the meeting may be made at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  2. A quorum shall be a minimum of twelve (12) regular members in attendance for the purpose of conducting business of the Association.
  3. A notice of all regular meetings shall be sent to all members of record at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting, and shall state the date, place, time and proposed program, and should include “RSVP” information to make reservations.


  1. The officers of this Association shall be the President, Vice-President, Membership Coordinator, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  2. Only those who hold active membership, in good standing, shall be eligible for office.
  3. The election of officers shall be held by mail-in ballot each year.  Nominations will be accepted in October, the ballots distributed in November, and the officers will begin their term in January of each year.
  4. Vacancies in offices may be filled at any time by selection of the Executive Board for the unexpired term of such offices.
  5. The duties of the officers shall be such as are implied by their respective titles and such as are specified in these by-laws.
  6. President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association.  The President shall have general responsibilities for supervision and management of the affairs and business of the Association.
  7. Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.  The Vice-President shall be responsible for arranging the meeting location and educational speakers.
  8. Membership Coordinator:  The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for promoting membership and stimulating interest in the Association.  The Membership Coordinator will accept the RSVP’s for each meeting, contact members to encourage attendance, and forward the guarantee to the host property.
  9. Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall collect and hold all monies belonging to the Association and shall deposit same in a bank.  The Treasurer shall pay all bills in a timely manner so as not to incur debt for the Association.  The Treasurer will receive all membership fees, update and maintain the accuracy of the Membership Roster, and forward an accurate mailing list to the Secretary.  The Treasurer will handle the nomination and ballots for the election of officers.
  10. Secretary:   The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of all Association news and notification of the monthly meetings.  If requested, the Secretary will prepare and maintain an accurate record of all proceedings of all meetings of the Association.
  11. Webmaster.  The webmaster shall be appointed by the executive Board.  The webmaster will be responsible for the HHRABC website to insure information is accurate and updated on a continuous basis.  Additionally, the webmaster must insure that the website is attractive, informative and user friendly for the members of the association.


  1. The By-Laws of the Association may be amended at any time by action of the Executive Board and approval of the general membership by majority vote at a regular meeting.
  2. Proposed amendments may be sent in writing to the Executive Board for review and presentation to the general membership.
  3. Proposed amendments shall be distributed to the general membership with the regular notice of meeting.
  4. Whenever the By-Laws of this Association are amended, the Secretary shall prepare a revision incorporating such amendments and distribute the revised By-Laws to the membership at the next regular meeting, or by mailing with the next meeting notice.